I Saw You Praying

23 09 2015

My husband and I were out for dinner. Nothing fancy, just a quick meal before we started working through a list of errands. We got our food, prayed, and began to enjoy our sandwiches.

A few minutes later, a gentleman came over to talk. “I saw you praying,” he said. We had a nice conversation about church, some activities he was excited about, and then he went on his way.

It was an interesting moment. We didn’t think about the fact that others in the restaurant watched as we prayed. When we bowed our heads, it didn’t occur to us that we were leading other eyes toward heaven.

But they noticed. At least one man did. God used the moment to reinforce on our hearts the power we have to influence others through our quiet actions. People are paying more attention to the way we lift up Jesus than we sometimes realize. Others notice the quiet kindnesses, the silent surrenders, and the little sacrifices that define people of grace.

You are not invisible. People see you, watch you, notice you, and pay attention to you every day. People in the store, at work, in the post office, at home, in church, and at the movies. You may be the tool God uses to plant a seed, nourish faith, start a conversation, or initiate surrender. Don’t underestimate the little habits of holiness that flow through your day. Each one may help another see Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is live out Matthew 5:16 – I am going to let my light shine. Today I have an opportunity to live out faith in the ordinary, normal places I walk. I am going to be aware of the truth that others are watching. I want them to see Jesus.



3 responses

23 09 2015
Angela Alter-Wren

I saw your daughter’s update on you post. I hope you are doing better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

23 09 2015
Bonnie Hardman

I so much enjoy your blogs again. I still pray for your recovery every day – as we do when we ladies meet together. We have such fond memories of your two times with us here in Port Angeles. We are also enjoying so much our study on Paul: By the Grace of God. Please let us know from time to time the progress on your recovery.

29 09 2015
Linda Mullin

Beautiful thanks for all the encouragement.

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