16 09 2015

Dear Friends,

Overwhelmed. If I had to pick one word, it would be this one. I am writing this to you from a hospital bed, but your prayers have been a blanket around my soul. Thank you doesn’t begin to express the gratitude that fills my heart and the hearts of my family. As you know, I have been very ill. The word went out that I needed you to take me to our Father’s throne and plead for His power and mercy to be poured out on me and my family. He is faithful, and I am writing to you today as a testament of His grace. I have a long road of recovery in front of me, but God’s story is being written large across the pages of these days. My doctor speaks of miracles, and I can point those around me to His glory.

I am going to continue to humbly ask for your prayers, patience, and love. As I focus on healing, I would like to share some of my favorite blogs with you. You are special to me. Thank you for loving me and continuing to lift me in prayer.



A Lesson in Contentment 

Another lesson from the car seat. My four-year-old friend and I were driving to school this morning. He announced on the driveway that we would be looking for dump trucks, cherry pickers, and school buses. Keeping our eyes open and paying attention to all the neat things God puts in our path is one of our greatest joys.

Our eyes were peeled and almost immediately he saw a school bus. Smiles exploded from the backseat as he noted how quickly we were spotting these road treasures. Driving along, he noticed a bright yellow car and pointed it out. I told him that it was a fun car and that I would like to have a car like that one. He got a puzzled expression on his face. “But you already have a car.”

I do have a car. Of course, I couldn’t learn my lesson on the first go around. I tried explaining that sometimes it was fun to think about what kind of car you might like to have someday. So I asked him, “Do you ever think about what kind of car you would like to have?” “No,” he responded. “I just want to be four.”

Contentment is the attitude of being at peace amid your circumstances. It counts the blessings that we often overlook. It sees the presence of God in the ordinary.

Too often I wish my life away. I wish for a new car rather than being thankful for what I am driving. I wish I was in a different stage of life rather than enjoying the moment I am in. I wish I was starting, or done, or had the chance to do it all again rather than savoring the part of the journey I am on.

My Jesus Resolution today is to cultivate contentment. I am going to be satisfied with the richness of today. I am going to spend less time wishing and more time counting my blessings. I am going to keep my eyes open, looking for the treasures God puts along the road today. I am going to let every yellow car I see today remind me of the lesson of contentment God wants to plant deep in my heart.









34 responses

16 09 2015
Krista Cook

Tears popped into my eyes when I saw your email come up and realized to was YOU! You have been in my heart and prayers daily, sweet sister. I know God is doing great things through you.
I love you with the love of the Lord!

16 09 2015

I have been praying! Thank you for the update I’ve been worried about you. Take good care, God bless.

16 09 2015
Susan Thomson

Praise GOD!! I will continue to lift you , your health, your doctors and your family up to the ultimate physician!!

16 09 2015
Joy Wheeler

Thank you so much for your update! We praise God and thank Him for your healing and will continue to pray for you and your family as you recover.

21 09 2015

thanks so much for your update MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU

16 09 2015
Cindy Gray

We just started another of your studies last week in a Wed. night Bible class – and just finished one last year in our Tuesday morning class. You have blessed us richly with your studies and your insight and I love recieving your posts. We are all lifting you up in prayer – asking God boldly for complete healing and to do it quickly! Although we do acknowledge that sometimes His time frame is not oursand He will give you what your need. Thank you for sharing your life and the opportunity to lift you up in prayer! I am looking forward to reading some of your favorite posts! Loving you through Him, Cindy Gray

16 09 2015
Karen Huegele

You can’t imagine how much joy I’m feeling after seeing your update. I will continue to pray for you and your family Casandra. I can’t wait for the day I see you again in Church.

16 09 2015
Jan Kellehy

I thank God for the everyday life i have been granted, for i believe it is in this “sameness” that i am made to learn to appreciate the constancy of His care of me and His faithfulness in all of my life……i thank Him for you, dear Casandra, for your reminding me to be thankful, period…..period…..life is so good even in difficulties (I got that message from you, dear one)….when God is at our side, there is cause for rejoicing, and I rejoice that He is right by your side and is working for your healing on this earth as you minister to His children as they make their way toward Him. Love you, and pray for you,,,,,what a privilege this is for me…..

16 09 2015

So glad to hear you are improving! I continue to pray for you! I love the post on contentment! It a lesson we all need. Thank you for your encouragement. Rest and heal!

16 09 2015

Oh praise to our Heavenly Father you are getting to put your hands on the keyboard again to write to us what we so need to hear from you. Yes, we know that God is the one we must hear from, but you have such talent to write His words in a way to remind us who He is and who we must understand. Thank you for this and may God continue to wrap His loving arms around you.
I will be using your study of the “Love Story” – Ruth for a Tuesday Ladies Bible Study next week. I think so far this is your best study – oh how great the love is of our God.
Prayers continue for your recovery.
Truly love you – your Sister in His Family,
Diane T.

16 09 2015
sara hawkins

So thankful for your progress! You have had prayers from Danville, AR from me and from those with whom I had been sharing your weekly postings. Miracles do happen! Thankful for this one! Ann Hilgers, my niece and your aunt, has tried to keep me up to date on you! She is the one who introduced me to your postings. Ann’s Aunt Sara Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 14:49:31 +0000 To: sloh_@hotmail.com

16 09 2015

Praise God for your return and His healing hand!

Sent from my iPad


16 09 2015

Cassandra thank you for the update. Our ladies Tuesday morning bible study is using your study A Light in the Darkness. I had the privilege to teach lesson 9 Day 3 yesterday. We also prayed for you as a group of ladies who have used many of your books to study the word of God. We ask God to give you a very speedy recovery. Thank you for the writings you have done. My husband and I are preparing to move to Zambia in the near future. I plan to use your books to teach the ladies there. Blessings Shelia

16 09 2015
Nancy Baugh

Cassandra, I was amazed when I saw your posting this morning. I am so pleased you are well enough to even be able to think of writing. You will continue to be in our prayers and please focus on your healing and recovery. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!

16 09 2015
Lisa Childs

Continued prayers for a full recovery.

16 09 2015
Elva Hulett

So thankful to hear from you and thank God that he is taking care of you. I will continue to pray for you! Elva Dee Duncan

Sent from my iPad


16 09 2015
Ana Harshaw

Casandra~Good to hear your coming along with the help of prayers for you and those caring for you. Hope you are all resting well also. Recover is a long process, but God is with you & yours and that and knowing we are all praying for you should strengthen your spirit in the Lord. Much loving thoughts & hugs going your way. Sincerely, mrs. ana harshaw ❤

16 09 2015
Donna Jefferson

Oh Casandra – what a blessing to hear from you and “To God Be the Glory, great things He has done….” May you continue to heal and receive God’s blessings! I love you and appreciate your lessons so very much! Prayers and Love to you and your family, Donna Jefferson

16 09 2015
Martha Jackson

Casandra,our ladies class in Denver City, Texas have chosen to study your ABC’s of a Godly Heart this Fall, and we prayed for you, and your recovery this morning. Our God is faithful!!!

16 09 2015
Linda Dickey

Casandra,I look forward to every email you send!  They help me in my “walk”. May God bless you (and I’m certain He is already doing so).  Love and prayers,Linda and Jarvis Bull

16 09 2015
Jan Fleming

Thanks be to our Heavenly Father. Our prayers have been received and answered. Prayers of thanksgiving are being lifted. Prayers for You and your family.
Jan Fleming

16 09 2015

The Lord bless and keep you and your family. The Lord make His face to shine on you and yours and be gracious to all of you. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

16 09 2015
Sherry Moss

*God Bless You and Keep You In the Coming Days, With Healing In Your Body. *

17 09 2015
Paula Pancoast

Praise God for your progress and healing Casandra! Everyone here in Trumbull CT is praying for you and for good health to return. Loved reading your post this morning! You have no idea what a blessing you are to all of us and more prayers are being lifted up on your behalf. The trials we endure, press us against our God. I have no doubt you will turn this trial into treasure and bless us all with your new insights once you are completely healed! Keep on Keeping on and may God continue to bless you!

17 09 2015

The Lord your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

So happy for your improvements and your heart that trusts in God whatever comes your way.

17 09 2015
Martha Fassino

I have never been so excited to open an email as when I saw this one!! I am so thankful that you are improving – prayers answered by so many of us. And I loved reading that your doctor used the word “miracles”. We are all praying for that!! Praying that each day will bring improvement and strength. You are so precious to all of us. I love you, Casandra.

17 09 2015
Sandra Butterfield-Smith, Bermuda

Dearest Casandra, prayers abound for you from across the Atlantic as we here in Bermuda at the Brighton Hill Road Church of Christ remember you fondly and now pray for you fervently. You have certainly been a blessing to us and we trust God will continue to bless you as you continue to shine for Him, living fully in your purpose to light the way for others.

17 09 2015

Praying for you in Louisiana! Your name has been brought up before the congregation in Pineville. All praying for a speedy recovery and for all to go well for you!

17 09 2015
CenturyLink Customer

Dear Casandra, I am so relieved you are better, and you and your family continue to be in my prayers.


Nancy Wallace

17 09 2015
Carolyn Green Sheridan

I am so happy to hear that you are improving. I will pray for your continued progress and healing. I will never forget how you spoke to us at our Ladies Day this last spring here in Horseheads, NY, using Skype as the vehicle for your words of strength and encouragement. And God is working through you even now as a testament to how he can use us for his glory and purposes, even when we are going through difficult periods of our life. Thank you, Cassandra. Thank you for your faithfulness and example of courage and perseverance. 🙂

17 09 2015
Glenda Koctar

What wonderful news! I will keep praying for you. You are loved by so many, but nothing compares to our Father’s love for you, his child. Love and hugs!

18 09 2015
Pat Hall

So relieved to hear of your improvement. We will still be praying for that to
continue. Your words are so encouraging to so many.

21 09 2015
Shirley M Thompson

Dear Cassandra, Your “Overwhelmed” article came out the day before Ganderbrook; of course memories of meeting you there came to mind, so keeping you in prayer individually and collectively with the other sisters-in-Christ is a given. My next observation was the improvement you are making, praise be to God. As I read the article I noticed the words “I am” appeared quite a few times; our theme this year was I AM. Then I read in the text about the bright yellow car so I highlighted all of the I AM’s in yellow. To take it a bit further I invented a new travel game finding contentment with every yellow vehicle we could see. It was so much fun to see everything from the small VW to the fun convertible, yellow tour buses and school buses, and construction equipment for the BIG doses of contentment, adding that each one was another prayer for you to be well. Thank you again for your lessons. Be well, and may God bless.

22 09 2015
Barbara Bramlett

I am praying that God will hold you in His arms until you are well. I am praying for the doctors to have the knowledge to do what needs to be done to bring about your complete healing. You are loved and being prayed for daily.
Your sister in Christ,
Barbara Bramlett
Stone Mountain, Ga.

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