The Jesus Habit

29 07 2015

In the happy moments, praise God.

In the difficult moments, seek God.

In the quiet moments, trust God.

In every moment, thank God.

These words hang in my house, right by the front door. I can see them from my desk where they gently remind me to keep my focus on God. We have so many things pulling at our attention, demanding our time, and clamoring for a piece of us that it is easy to get side-tracked. Our hearts get troubled, our eyes get distracted, and our peace gets drained from our souls.

Here is the truth. The future will be filled with many different kinds of moments – some wonderful and amazing, others difficult and heart-breaking. Here is the good news – God has already seen each one. He stands ready with provision, grace, power, and hope to walk with you, no matter what the moment holds. Our choice comes in how we will choose to respond to both our circumstances and His presence. We can get caught up in the circumstance or let His almighty presence carry you through.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be deliberate about allowing God’s presence to define each moment. I don’t know what today holds, but I do know God is going to be there be with me. Most days follow a routine. Other days hold surprises. Either way, I have a choice. I can choose to praise God or I can let the moment twist my focus and make me feel alone. Every time I choose God, the world loses a little bit of its hold on me. Let’s make choosing Jesus the habit of our hearts.



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