The Garden

17 07 2015

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.” – John 15:1

I have a neighbor around the corner who has a thriving garden. He tends to it with great care. His yard overflows with all kinds of beautiful flowers, green shrubs, and fruit trees. It is a delight to walk past his house every day. It seems like each morning brings a new delight. Some flowers bloom while others are fading. He seems to know just when to prune, water, feed, and weed his plants. Even in the heat of summer, his garden has flourished under his care.  One thing that is a constant amidst all of the flowers, plants, and blossoms is his presence. He works in his garden every day. Evidence of his daily care is seen in the tender way he watches over each plant. He loves his garden, and his garden prospers because it is an expression of his heart.

Faith is like a garden. Beautiful gardens don’t happen by accident. It requires a deliberate investment of time, resources, energy, and vision to allow faith to bloom and thrive. People with beautiful faith gardens spend time every day doing the things that help faith to grow – Bible study, prayer, praise, and connection with spiritual friends. Each of these gardening tools help us do the most important thing – spend time with the Gardener. They focus our hearts on His presence and help us surrender to His work in our lives. He longs to help your faith grow in beautiful, bountiful ways as you give Him access to your heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let a garden help me see the Gardener. It doesn’t matter if it is my garden or someone else’s, the beauty of the garden speaks to the Gardener’s love for His garden. The warm soil reminds me to stay soft and pliable under His touch. The seeds speak to the potential He sees in me, and my need to surrender to dying in order to bloom. The weeds speak of the necessity for diligence against the world’s desire to invade my garden. The beauty of the garden helps me see the way Jesus is growing in me.



2 responses

17 07 2015

Very timely thoughts, as we have been discussing fruitfulfness for Christ quite a bit. Those things that matter to us do take consistent time, care and attention. Reaping souls for Christ and imitating Christ’s righteousness is no different. Your reminder to stay in prayer, God’s Word and in rich Christian fellowship are great ways to accomplish both of these. Thanks much. Be well

17 07 2015
Donna Jefferson

A beautiful piece – made me think of the song “There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting, and He bids us come meet with Him there!” Thanks!

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