26 06 2015

Today is special. No, there isn’t a holiday that you missed, a celebration you forgot, or an anniversary you overlooked. Today is special because God is present. He created this day for your delight. He handcrafted every piece as an invitation for you to enter His deep joy.

Here are ten ways you can celebrate today:

  1. Breathe. God is in control…of everything.
  2. Rejoice. All really is forgiven.
  3. Rest. God is watching over you.
  4. Enjoy. God created chocolate.
  5. Smile. You are never alone.
  6. Pray. God is listening to every heartbeat.
  7. Sing. Worship is the antidote to worry.
  8. Look. See the beauty in the ordinary.
  9. Listen. He is calling your name.
  10.  Be brave. Jesus is always the right answer.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate. I am going to take a minute to stop and celebrate the beauty He has planted in my path. I am going to look for an opportunity to smile at His handiwork. I want to pause in praise, and bow in worship. Today, I am going to sing a song that reminds me of His goodness and enjoy this special day.



2 responses

26 06 2015

Thanks for the encouraging words today. Today is actually my birthday, so these words mean another thing to me. Sometimes aging is not something I think of with joy, so this is a great reminder for today and every day. May you enjoy the God’s gift of today too.

26 06 2015
ana harshaw

Thank you for blessing us with your ‘Sweet words’…may you be blessed likewise with a beautiful day & weekend. Much appreciate you, mrs. ana 🙂

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