Follow the Leader

3 06 2015

“And He said to him, ‘Follow me.’” – Luke 5:27b

Did you ever play Follow the Leader? Follow the Leader is a simple enough game. One person is the leader, and the rest of the group follows in the leader’s steps. You can run, crawl, skip, jump, do loopity-loops, or tip-toe. The only rule is to do what the leader does. The leader sets the pace, determines the direction, and defines the movement of the group. Such a simple game, and such a hard way to live.

Walking with Jesus is as simple as following the Leader. All I really need to do is imitate Him. And yet I find so many ways to get off course. I get distracted and wander off on my own. I get stubborn and refuse to move. I get frightened and fret about taking the next step. I get impatient and want to step out in front. I get self-conscious and worry what others will think of the way I am walking.

Jesus knew that I would struggle with His call to follow Him. That is why He came to earth. That is why He gave me the Holy Spirit. That is why He connected me to His church. That is why He provided the Bible, the avenue of prayer, and the privilege of worship. Everything from His example to entering His presence helps me learn how to take the next step in following Him.

My Jesus Resolution today is to follow the Leader as I walk through my day. I am going to match my stride with His. I am going to stop where He stops, and run where He runs. Join me in following the Leader today. Let’s find joy in knowing that wherever we go, He is leading us deeper into the presence of God.



2 responses

3 06 2015
Donna Jefferson

Thanks!!! Great thoughts and much needed!!!

4 06 2015
ana harshaw

Thank you, I am reminded of our Lord, ‘I am the way, truth and life Jhn 14:6

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