Bird Songs

20 05 2015

I heard them while my eyes were still closed. The sunlight was just beginning to filter through the clouds. As grey melted into pink and gold, their songs grew in intensity as they called to one another from the canopy just outside my window. I have been listening to the birds fill the morning sky with their songs of praises to our God.  There are familiar warbles and new chirps, but what is interesting is just the variety of voices that make up the chorus just outside my window. Together they raise an anthem of praise that proclaims to the world that God is God and there is no one like Him. Individually, they each bring their own note to the table. Together, they become a chorus of worship.

People and birds have something in common. Each of us has our own beauty, own voice, and own way in which God has prepared us to praise Him. Every day I have the opportunity to offer myself in worship. When we come together, our lives blend into a chorus of praise that is unique and lovely as it rises in the world to point others to Christ.

My Jesus Resolution today is to learn from the birds. I am going to take time to listen today. I want to hear how the earth is offering itself in praise. I want to notice how the wind, the birds, the flowers, and the sun all join together to proclaim His name. Then I am going to join them. Let’s fill the earth with His praise. You never know who might be listening to you sing.



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