Counting the Raindrops

15 05 2015

We were watching the news when the tidbit about the rain caused me to take notice and listen. Right now things are a little soggy in my neck of the woods. The ground is drenched. There are puddles in the yard. Baseball teams have cancelled more games than they have played.  So when they mentioned a fast fact about rainfall in my state, I perked up. Ready? In the last week alone, over a trillion gallons of rain water have fallen on the state of Texas. In one week. Over one trillion gallons. That is a one with twelve zeroes. I wonder how many raindrops it takes to make a gallon. Whatever it is, it is a God-sized number

As raindrops continue to hit the roof, we are reminded of the truth that God is blessing us. Through recent years, we have experienced the devastating effects of drought. It is amazing how that time of scarcity has reframed how we see this time of abundance. No one is complaining about the rain. We have a greater appreciation for its power, have a deeper understanding of its necessity, and are looking at the sky with new eyes.

The rain just reminds us of a principle that we see played out in our hearts every day. Grace is sweeter when we run smack into sin. Joy is richer following a period of sorrow. Peace is a marvel during a storm. The balance of God’s world teaches us to seek His face, reach for His hand, and embrace His presence no matter what the moment brings. Sunny days brighten our hearts as we soak in His warmth. Rainy days encourage us to crawl into the comfort of His arms and rest. Either way, we spend the day with Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be thankful for the rain. Sometimes I tend to roll my eyes about the weather rather than dropping to my knees for the opportunity to see God at work. The rain carries His blessings, as well as the sunshine. I can pray for places and people in our land that thirst for rain. I can remember that there is not a drop of rain that falls without God counting its number and directing its path. And it doesn’t matter if it is a single drop or one trillion gallons, God wants the rain to remind me that He wants to reign in my heart.



2 responses

15 05 2015
Benny Malone

Beautiful praise to our Heavenly Father. My thoughts exactly.

18 05 2015

The human being can Look at his life and see curses or blessings. Look closer and see that God is still on the throne and that Romans 8:28 is still functioning.

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