Glory to God

29 04 2015

This week I read a story about a concert given in Vienna, Austria on March 27, 1808. The orchestra was performing Franz Joseph Haydn’s oratorio, The Creation, a moving masterpiece describing the Genesis account of God’s formation of the world. It is considered by many to be the crown jewel of Haydn’s works.

As the crowd gathered to hear the concert and celebrate Haydn’s birthday at the University of Vienna, word spread through the audience that Haydn himself would be attending the performance. At age 76, the frail composer had to be carried into the concert hall on an armchair. The excitement among the people attending the concert was contagious. Dignitaries and other famous composers, including Beethoven, were present to honor the great master. At the point in the performance when the chorus and orchestra filled the hall with the music of “And there was light,” the audience rose to its feet, applauding the composer. The old composer struggled to his feet and in reply cried, “No, no. Not from me, but,” and he pointed upward, “from heaven above comes all.”

My Jesus Resolution today is to mirror Haydn’s actions at the concert. Everything I do should point people to God. Every word, every gift, every movement should lead them to the cross. It would have been easier, and expected, for Haydn to take a bow. Instead, the composer reminded us all of the underlying rhythm and purpose of creation. We were made to give glory to God.



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29 04 2015
Malinda Little

Very interesting read!

Love you, Malinda


29 04 2015
Ruth Loftin

Amen and amen!

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