God is Happy

22 04 2015

Her mom came up close, and asked if I had heard her daughter’s happy story. She had the biggest grin on her face, and I couldn’t wait to hear about her five year old’s latest adventure.

It was a rainy afternoon. Thunder and lightning crackled in the clouds as big, fat raindrops poured from the sky. The family was together, getting out to run some errands when they passed a rained soaked dad and his two boys. They were walking home, drenched in the downpour. My friends pulled over, asking if they needed a ride. The wet dad and soaking boys gratefully piled into the van. My friend told me that the small boys must have said ‘thank you’ a hundred times.

It was just a few minutes’ drive to their house. On the way, they realized that there was a school connection between the children. They chatted as they drove, quickly reaching their destination. The dad and boys got out of the van, overwhelmed by the kindness shown to them.

The van door had barely shut when the five year old beamed and said, “God is so very happy! We just looked like Jesus!”

She is so right. Nothing pleases God more than when we reflect the image of His Son in this world.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make God happy. I want to look like Jesus. Today, I want to be deliberate and practical about showing someone His love. I want to be like my friends and stop to help, encourage, hug, provide, or bless someone else. Too many times I miss the moment because I am too busy, too distracted, or too comfortable. Not today. Most of all, I want to be like my little friend. She knows God’s heart, what makes Him happy, and how to celebrate with Him when we look like Jesus.



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22 04 2015

Too busy? It is like that dreaded disease we call, TB. Move as Jesus moved, deliberately. Dealing with life as it happens.

22 04 2015
Helen Morrison

Today I want to look like Jesus too! So many time I don’t. Thanks for the encouragement.

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