4 02 2015

As God continues to teach us about how to use this gift of time, He now draws our attention to what we choose to hold close to our hearts. The wisdom writer writes in Ecclesiastes 5b, “…a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;”  What we choose to embrace says a lot about who we are. Here God reminds us that He gives us time in order to be deliberate about what we pull close to our hearts, and the things we need to release in order to embrace the life God has in store for us.

Five things to embrace today:

  1. Something that brings you deep joy
  2. A new friend
  3. Being still
  4. A fresh appreciation of grace
  5. A chance to laugh

Five things to release today:

  1. Nagging guilt
  2. More busyness
  3. The negative voice in your head
  4. That thing that is holding you back
  5. Regret

My Jesus Resolution today is to think hard about what I hold onto. I tend to hold onto the negative and let the sweet, simple, sacred moments slip through my fingers. Today I want to have my eyes open to the opportunity to release the things that weigh down my soul and embrace beauty and blessings. In the end, what I embrace and what I release will help me see how God is working all around me and in me.



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