Mourning and Dancing

30 01 2015

She is almost two years old. Blonde curls hug her face while she shyly peeks around her mother’s legs. It has taken patience and practice, but she now joins the other preschoolers in their special song time. She stands proudly in her spot, and her whole little body sings. It is fun to watch her engage with the wise man or let her heart sing the truth that Jesus Loves Me. She doesn’t just open her mouth. When she sings, she uses every part of her.

Then the songs end, and it is time to sit down. Grins and smiles quickly turn into protests and tears. She loves to sing. She firmly tells everyone who will listen that she wants “more song.”  Little wails of disapproval rise up as she moves back to her seat.

“…a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” – Ecclesiastes 3:4a

Little children move between despair and delight with ease. One moment finds them in tears, certain that all is lost. A few minutes later, you can hear squeals of glee floating across the air. One of the neat things about children is that whether they are in the midst of tears or laughter, they want to share the moment with a parent. When they are upset, a pair of open arms is the best place to be. When joy breaks over the moment, they run to tell a loving parent.

This is the lesson that I want to learn from my little friend. When she is singing with her whole body and spirit, she does so from the embrace of a parent. When she despairs that there are no more songs, she clings to the arms of her parent. Whether today is a time of joy or a moment of deep sorrow, the best place for me to stand is in the arms of my Father.

My Jesus Resolution today is to settle into my Father’s embrace. There will be times of mourning. Perhaps over sin, over injustice, over prejudice, or over loss. In these moments, I want to seek out the comfort, peace, and grace only found in His strong arms. There will also be times of dancing. Times to celebrate, laugh, enjoy, appreciate, and sing. At these times, I want to pause in His presence, knowing I am experiencing His goodness and the opportunity to praise Him with everything I am.



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