Cleaning Closets

26 01 2015

Cleaning closets is one of my favorite, least enjoyable tasks. I like the end result, but the process, especially at the beginning, can be really overwhelming. It is amazing how much junk accumulates in my closet. Before I can get everything neat and organized, I have to go through all of the stuff, pulling out the where-did-I-get-thats, the unwanted sweater from Aunt Susie Jane, and the when-did-I-buy-that? Then there are the what-was-I-thinking pile, the I-have-no-idea-stack, and the just plain rubbish. All of that has to go before I can take what I value, what I want to keep, and what is important and make the closet workable and functional.

The wisdom writer had his eye on this truth many centuries ago when he wrote Ecclesiastes 3:3b – “…a time to break down, and a time to build up;” Here are a list of ten things that need to be broken down in our hearts before it can be built up into the image of Jesus.

  1. Break down despair – Build up hope
  2. Break down grumbling – Build up praise
  3. Break down hostility – Build up peace
  4. Break down selfishness – Build up generosity
  5. Break down comfort zones – Build up faith
  6. Break down guilt – Build up grace
  7. Break down fear – Build up joy
  8. Break down worry – Build up prayer
  9. Break down pride – Build up humility
  10. Break down apathy – Build up compassion

My Jesus Resolution today is to break down the world’s hold on my heart and build up Christ’s claim on all that I am. Just like my closet, it is easy for junk to pile up in my heart. A little bitterness here, a little anger there, and before long my heart is packed with so many negatives that there isn’t any room for Jesus to take shape. Breaking down those negatives isn’t a lot of fun, but it is necessary. Building up requires deliberate effort and specific focus. God gives us a little time each day to break down and build up. Ready to get started?



One response

26 01 2015
Mary Warren

Your analogies are so good. The writing symbols you use are so appropriate for real life. They are always convicting and we need to here them.

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