The Gifts You Won’t Return

26 12 2014

The wrapping paper has all been ripped open, bows strewn across the floor. The stockings no longer hang by the fireplace. The cookies have been eaten, and the memories of another Christmas are settling in. Sorting through gifts and packages, there is probably at least one item that you set aside to be returned. Whether it is the wrong size, wrong color, or just wrong for you, you will quietly head to the store to find something more suitable.

As you finish up the holiday season, take a moment to reflect on the gifts God has poured into these last few weeks. God always gives the perfect gift at just the right time. Here are ten gifts He gives us all that don’t need a gift receipt.

  1. Peace that passes understanding.
  2. Sufficient grace for every need.
  3. Love that knows no boundaries.
  4. The Word that reveals His heart.
  5. Hope that helps us face each day.
  6. Light that pushes back the darkness.
  7. Joy that celebrates today’s gifts.
  8. Glory revealed in simple beauties.
  9. Purpose bigger than our imaginations.
  10. His faithful presence in every moment.

My Jesus Resolution today is to cherish all of my gifts. It is easy for me to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of unwinding from the holidays. My mind tends to move on fast forward, and I miss opportunities to savor the blessings that God pours into the now. His rich gifts are meant to be treasured and enjoyed. Today I am going to name the gifts He has given me, stopping to thank Him for filling this month with Himself.



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30 12 2014

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