Seven Times A Day

29 10 2014

Psalm 119:161-168

Quick! Name something you do seven times a day. Other than perhaps taking care of private business, there are very few things that we do seven times a day. We brush our teeth twice a day, eat three times a day (okay, maybe there are couple of snacks, too), run errands, pick up toys, and do mountains of laundry. It seems like I trip over my daughter’s shoes at least seven times a day, answer more than seven emails a day, and let the dog in and out seven times a day. But really, doing something seven times a day requires a deliberateness, a thoughtfulness, a dedication that my too busy, run-this- way-and-that lifestyle doesn’t support.

“Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules.” – Psalm 119:164

This little verse in the middle of the twenty-first stanza of Psalm 119 whispers an invitation and issues a challenge to my heart. Do I stop seven times a day to praise God? I blush as I try to remember when I last stopped and praised God. I remember worrying, being anxious, checking Facebook, turning on the TV, and powering up my computer. Did I pause to praise? Did I slow down and celebrate His goodness? Did I wait and worship? How might the rhythm of my day be different if I made praise a priority? Stopping to praise Him at mealtimes, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night still only equal five. There are still opportunities to seek His face in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon. My heart would be different, the cadence of my day would be different, the texture of my soul would be different, and the focus of my family would be different if we could say that we praise God seven times a day.

My Jesus Resolution today is to praise Him seven times. I am going to let praise structure my day. I want to let worship build the foundation for how I see my circumstances, my relationships, my job, and my struggles. I want to honor the way that God is working in me and around me. I long to have eyes so open to His movement, His grace, His power, and His glory that I can’t help but cry out in wonder and awe seven times a day.



3 responses

29 10 2014
ana harshaw

Thank you so much, I found you thru Patty Schmidt (Fall River church of Christ)…I’m so impressed with your writing. Please know that even a Senior can learn a thing or two 🙂 much appreciate it, ana harshaw ❤

29 10 2014
Marcy Schaefer

Yes, yes, yes!! The answer to Casandra’s ?s are always YES!!……………..marcy

30 10 2014
Jeri Ford

Casandra, Thanks for all of your posts. I’m thankful for the direction they often give my thoughts. I particularly appreciated this one. Something to work on, for sure! Thanks for the ways you minister to so many with your teaching and writing. May God bless you as you allow Him to use you.

Blessings, Jeri Ford

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