3 09 2014

There is an older gentleman at church whom I adore. He looks just like my grandfather. He is gentle, has a ready smile, and is always willing to help someone in need. One of the neatest things about him is his nickname. His family and close friends call him Honest. I don’t know the story behind his nickname, but I do find it intriguing.

The people who know him best gave him a nickname that says something powerful about his heart. Every time they call him by his nickname, he is reminded of who he is, of the special traits others see in him, and the standard he is called to live by. If your family and close friends could pick one word to describe you, what nickname would they give you?

It is an interesting question. Many of us don’t like the first word that pops into our heads. So then the question becomes who do you want to be? Pick one word that you would like to have describe who you are. Now think about what you need to do in order to make that word come to life in your life. You have a tremendous amount of say in what other people say about you. You get to decide what others see in you, how you make others feel, and the impression that you want to leave behind.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pick my nickname. It might be Joyful, Generous, Wise, Patient, Confident, or even Honest. I want to look in the mirror and through the pieces of my day and decide what I can do to bring that nickname to life. Striving to have that kind of nickname inspires me to measure my actions, taste my words, and weigh my motives. Just like Honest, I want the name I wear to not only say something about my character, but about the Savior whose grace makes all things possible.



2 responses

4 09 2014
Jan Nicks Swinney

I’ll be “Forgiven”. Because I need to be reminded regularly how much I have been forgiven. Then I am hopeful that I will be more forgiving to others.

20 09 2014
Martha Fassino

I think this is a great idea. Thank you, Casandra.

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