You Are Loved

30 07 2014

“It is staggering that God should love sinners; yet it is true. God loves creatures who have become unlovely and (one would have thought) unlovable.”

– J.I. Packer

If there is only one truth that you hold onto today, hold onto this one – you are loved. You are loved with a love that is so immense, so astounding, and so incredible that it is almost too much to believe. But please believe it. When you learn to live in that belief, you will changed to your core.

Here are ten truths about God’s love for you.

  1. God loved you before you were even born.
  2. You can’t earn God’s love, so stop trying.
  3. You can’t lose God’s love, so stop worrying.
  4. Your past won’t stop God from loving you.
  5. Your future is secure because of God’s love for you.
  6. God’s love for you is the most certain force in the universe.
  7. God doesn’t love you generically. He loves YOU personally and intimately.
  8. God’s love for you is an everlasting love.
  9. The cross stands as the greatest monument to love the world has ever known.
  10. God’s deepest desire is for you to love Him in return.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember how much I am loved. The craziness of the world often makes me feel isolated and unnoticed. God’s love promises that I am never alone, that I am cherished and valued, and that He pays attention to the details that fill my life. Learning to live in His love allows me to be strong in the face of the world’s pressures, confident when confronted with the world’s chiding, and joyful even in life’s darkest moments. It is staggering that God should love a sinner like me; yet it is true. And that is a truth worth building a life on.



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