Simple Things

9 07 2014

I don’t know his name, but I am thankful for his heart. We meet in the waiting room every week. He is always there before me, and quick to jump up from his seat and open the door for me as I come in. He smiles, giving me a big hello as I come in and get settled. His simple kindness is a day brightener.


My grandmother told me that simple, quiet acts of kindness have great power. It is true. It may not seem like much, but the simple things really do make a difference. Extending grace can be as simple as offering a smile, saying an encouraging word, giving a hug, or opening a door. They cost only a moment of time, a bit of attention, and the willingness to step outside of the me-bubble the world encourages us to live in. The power of quiet kindness, however, is profound.


Simple things speak volumes. They say that someone is noticed and seen as a person of value. Kindness communicates the truth that we are in this together and better when we help each other along the way. Compassion imitates the heart of God, making it tangible and real in the moment. Every person we meet is broken and hurting in some way. Simple kindness has the power of touching the heart with healing, hope-filled grace.


My Jesus Resolution today is to be kind. Not randomly or accidently, but deliberately and prayerfully. I want to learn to see the opportunities to offer His simple gifts to those around me. I want to recognize those moments when a quiet word or gentle action would make a difference in someone’s day. I want the kindness that has been shown to me to overflow in such a way as to open the door into the presence of God.



One response

12 07 2014

I needed this today. It is so easy to forget the simple kind things we can do daily.

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