Be Prepared

6 06 2014

The beginning of June marks more than the beginning of summer on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It is also the official start to hurricane season. From now until November, we will keep a watchful eye on the Atlantic Ocean and the rhythm of its waters. There is more to hurricane season, however, than watching the weather. With the onset of hurricane season, the constant and consistent message is to be prepared.


Storm preparation is drilled into the heads of residents along the Gulf Coast. This time of year finds us stocking up on batteries and bottled water. We are encouraged to stay current with medications, keep lists of emergency numbers, and have an escape plan if we need to leave the area. We never know when a hurricane might hit. Better to be prepared.


Passing by yet another sign reminding us to be prepared because it is hurricane season, I realized that there is a spiritual truth embedded in those words. No matter where you live, storms will rage against our souls. Our hearts will be battered and bruised by tempests of uncertainty, gales of grief, and the ferocious winds of fear. We can’t stop the storms from coming, but we can be prepared to help our hearts weather the worst of what they unleash.


My Jesus Resolution today is to prepare. I don’t know when the next storm is going to hit. I am certain that it is coming. Grounding myself in prayer, study, and spiritual friendships will provide the buffer that I need to weather the next storm. Being prepared doesn’t mean that the storm won’t come, but waiting until I am in the middle of the storm is often too late to gather the tools I need to stay afloat during the worst of its impact. Better to be prepared.



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6 06 2014

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