Listening to Whispers

12 05 2014

I lost my voice four days ago. It has been a time of eerie silence. I am not sure that I have ever been this quiet, especially not for days on end. I can’t talk on the phone. I can’t call out for help. I can’t say ‘I love you’ or yell at the kids to clean their rooms. Being voiceless has changed the dynamic in our house, and in my soul.

There are many times in the world when we feel like we have lost our voices. We talk and no one seems to listen. We express our dreams and the world bats them down. We voice our fears and others turn their backs. If you are famous, rich, or beautiful, you might be given a voice in our society. But the rest of us are stunted by silence. One voice in a sea of voices doesn’t seem to make a difference or change the cacophony that fills our days.

In my quiet days, I have relearned an important truth. God listens to our whispers. He hears the yearnings of our souls, and pays attention to the rhythm of our hearts. God cares more about surrender than He does with sound. He draws us close in His arms and listens to what our voices cannot say.

My Jesus Resolution today is to whisper to God. The world may tell me that I have no voice, but God listens to every whisper. When my heart aches, God knows. When tears fall, God touches my cheeks. When joy swells, He rejoices with me. When my soul cries out for grace, He gently wraps me in His love. Not being able to talk is a challenge, but knowing God is listening to my whispers enfolds me in His peace.



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12 05 2014

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12 05 2014
Randy and Barbara Wilson

Casandra, I LOVE your writings but this one especially was so good. I am a volunteer at the ladies prison in Taft, OK with the Ft Gibson Church if Christ. We have been talking about listening. I will reading this article to the ladies this Friday. I have shared many of them.

Thanks be to God for the talent He has given you to write for our edification. I get so much out of your writings & the ladies sure do. Barbara Wilson Your sister in Christ

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12 05 2014
Martha Fassino

This is beautiful. I love it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

18 03 2015

Yes thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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