Pray First

25 04 2014

It had been a long weekend. We were on the road, and I was watching the cacophony of colors painted by the wild flowers speed by as we headed home. Cars passed. Traffic flowed. Trucks zoomed by. Finally, one car pulled alongside us. There was nothing special about the car except for a small sticker on the back window. All it said was Pray First.


I have been thinking about those words for days. Pray First. It is a gentle reminder filled with deep wisdom. Those words have echoed in my soul igniting reflection, repentance, and resolve. Do I pray first? When my day goes bad, do I pray first? When I receive good news, do I pray first? When I face a struggle, experience heartache, or am faced with a decision, do I pray first?


To be honest, I usually get to prayer. But also to be honest, it isn’t always the first thing I do. I mope, complain, call a friend, get on Facebook, eat a cookie, or bury myself in work. Prayer falls somewhere on the list. Just not always first. And when Pray First isn’t my first response, my soul struggles to find its footing and I miss the opportunity to see God in the moment.


My Jesus Resolution today is to Pray First. I want prayer to be my default – the place where I run when life is hard, the world is cruel, circumstances conspire, or when joy explodes. His presence is safe shelter. His arms draw me nearer to His heart. He is a rock on which I can stand, shouting His praises and proclaiming His power. Praying first moves me deeper into His purpose, and gives my heart the grace it needs to face the day.



One response

25 04 2014

Thank you Casandra. I’m always blessed by the way you see Our God and grateful for the way you share your thoughts. ❤️

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