The Resurrection

21 04 2014

We live on this side of the resurrection. Every morning, we can wake up and breathe in the truth that Christ lives. Death has been defeated. Sin has been vanquished. Victory is our reality. Heaven is a certainty, and love conquers all.


Then why is my stomach in knots? Why does stress still steal my peace? Why do I feel inadequate to deal with the bumps, pot holes, crashes, and stalls on the speedway that is my life?


The resurrection doesn’t solve all of life’s problems. It gives us the power to walk with Jesus through life’s struggles. It opens our eyes to the perspective of heaven. It teaches how to hear more than the roar of the world or the hiss of the serpent. The voice of God becomes the rhythm by which we move through our days. We smell differently as the stench of sin gives way to the aroma of Christ. The resurrection empowers us to speak words of praise and thanksgiving when the rest of the world grumbles and complains. The resurrection encourages calloused knees, towel-dampened hands, and feet quick to move at the Master’s command. The resurrection doesn’t change the circumstances of life. It changes the calling on your life, the direction of your life, the purpose of your life, and the essence of your life.


My Jesus Resolution today is to learn how to live in the resurrection. Every day has to begin with the most basic, profound truth of faith – Jesus lives. That one truth changes everything. It changes how I see my family, my circumstances, my job, my neighbors, my stuff, my priorities, and even the reflection in the mirror. When I can start with resurrection truth every day, resurrection power is unleashed in my soul.








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21 04 2014

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Resurrection power…

22 04 2014
Martha Fassino

Your words are so true. Thank you for putting it into words that I can read and use.

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