I See Him!

10 03 2014

The following is a true story. The children are real, live preschoolers. The Bible class teacher is a hero. I am tickled, humbled, and inspired by their faith.

Wednesday evenings in the preschool class is an adventure. Little bodies, tired from the day, exude their own brand of the wiggles. The children came into class one by one. The first was clingy and had a hard time letting go. The second and third flew in faster than a tornado on a spring day. The fourth was yawning, eyes droopy because bedtime was getting close. The fifth came in the room with eyes wide open. It was this last child that changed the course of Bible class that night. He stepped into the room, took a look around, and made a declaration. “Teacher, Jesus is right here.”

The teacher, a little wary, acknowledged the truth that Jesus is always with us. The little boy continued. “Jesus is everywhere. He is in our hearts and He is right here in this room.” The children began to look around. “Where?” “Right there,” the little boy said. “Don’t you see Him?” One by one, the children spotted Jesus. He was there as they opened their Bibles. He was there as they sang their songs. He was there as they looked at each other. He was there as they encouraged each other to open their eyes and experience His presence. Jesus was with them and not a single preschooler missed the moment.

One little girl struggled. “I don’t see Jesus,” she whispered. She watched her classmates point out His presence. She listened as her teacher talked about His love. She waited as the excitement about seeing Jesus filled the room. Finally, faith won the moment. “I see Him! I see Him!” and the class rejoiced together.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look for Jesus. He is here. Right now. In this moment, waiting for me to open my eyes. I want to be like the little boy who, with bold faith, declared, “Jesus is right here.” I want to be like the children in the class who began to look for Him and delight in finding Him. I want to be like the little girl. She struggled and had her doubts. But she didn’t give up. She kept looking and listening until she could see Him too. I see Him! Do you?



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10 03 2014
Cynthia Suggs

I will be teaching Ladies Bible Class Wednesday night. We are on “Expect”. I think this fits right in! I will read this to the ladies. Thank you so much for your books and daily encouragements.

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