21 02 2014

Do you feel overwhelmed? There are days when it all seems too much. Time pressures, money stresses, health struggles, and relationship tangles push on our hearts, making us feel like it is all going to come crashing in on us. We look for ways to keep our heads above water as we navigate the difficult waters that threaten to pull us under. We gasp for breath, praying that today will be the day we come out on the other side of the storm.

Perhaps being overwhelmed is the antidote to feeling overwhelmed. As I sit thinking about the mountains that need to be climbed, the valleys that must be travailed, and the tasks that call to be completed, I realize that I have a different choice. What if I begin to catalog the ways that I am overwhelmed by God instead of the ways the world is trying to bury me?

I am overwhelmed by grace.

I am overwhelmed by His love.

I am overwhelmed with power and purpose.

I am overwhelmed with blessings.

I am overwhelmed in His presence.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be overwhelmed. When I focus on the way that God overwhelms me with His goodness and might, it takes my breath away and helps me see my day with new eyes. Each day I have a powerful choice – be overwhelmed by the pressures, pains, and problems of life or be overwhelmed by His presence, power, and provision. Today I will choose awe rather than awful. I expect that in the process I will be overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.



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