Living Loved

14 02 2014

You are loved. Really. You. The God who rules the whole universe loves you. In fact, He is crazy about you. He deeply, passionately, whole-heartedly, unreservedly loves you. He wants to envelop you with His love, drawing you close to His heart and whispering to your stressed-out soul to breathe. Let His love change your heart, refocus your eyes, transform your mind, and redirect your feet. Today you can live knowing you are wholly and completely loved.

The ways that God shows us that we are loved are very personal. His love isn’t a generic one-size-fits-all thing. It is a personalized, intimate, knowing love that expresses itself in simple gestures and quiet touches on your day. Spend today watching for the ways God is quietly whispering His love to your heart. Take an inventory of your blessings. Notice how many times He meets a specific need of your heart. Look for the ways that He leaves a fingerprint on your day or a love note for your soul. He loves to custom-make gifts of love for you. He wants to catch the attention of your heart and longs for you to love Him in return.

My Jesus Resolution today is to live loved. Every moment of today is going to be drenched in His love. I want His love to saturate my soul and soak down deeply into who I am. Living loved changes that way that I see, think, move, feel, talk, pray, and listen. My identity and my confidence flow from the certainty of His love. My joy bubbles over when I find the expressions of His love all over my day. Each one reminds me that I can live loved because I am loved.



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