15 01 2014

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” – John 14:6

Being brave in a world that bullies and bruises our souls begins by heeding God’s word to put on truth. Truth is a profound place to start. Nothing will help us navigate our way through this world better than His truth. Our world is saturated in lies. We live in a palette of greys. Truth is light. Truth reveals the bright colors of freedom. Truth rips away the bars that confine our souls, allowing us to breathe.

Putting on truth means that we invite His truth to infuse itself deeply into every part of who we are. It involves more than reciting facts. Truth requires a choice that allows it to touch and transform us to the core. Putting on God’s truth is a three-fold process.

We must know the truth. Truth can’t become a part of who we are unless we know who and what truth is. This is why the Bible is so precious. God puts His truth on a page so that we can write it on our hearts.

We must trust the truth. Knowing truth is a great first step, but until we trust that truth it will stay on the surface of who we are. Trust means that we allow His truth to have access to our souls. In trusting His truth, we relinquish control, give up independence, and surrender to His transformation.

We must live the truth. What we hold as truth defines our actions, attitudes, relationships, conversations, choices, and movement. As we put on His truth, as it increasingly soaks into the crevices of our souls, it changes us. Others begin to see the truth of His truth in the way we walk through our struggles and our joys.

My Jesus Resolution today is to put on truth. It will protect me from the lies that threaten to pull me under. It will rescue me from the greys that seek to draw me into its shadows. It will guard me from the bully who wants me to doubt and be discouraged. The power of God’s truth is that it isn’t found in a list. Truth is found in the person of Jesus.



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15 01 2014

So thankful for this reminder! The Truth has been that solid place that I could plant my feet when everything around me was uncertain.

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