8 01 2014

Weakness is not a happy word. In our culture, weakness is the great shame. It doesn’t matter what form your weakness takes, our society values strength. We pay pro athletes enormous sums of money to entertain us with their strength and talent. We give honor to people who are business savvy and take on the world. We elevate those who demonstrate their intellectual strength and admire those who walk with strong convictions. People who are weak have no place on the cultural stage.

Here is the truth. We all struggle with weakness. We all have messes, deal with discouragement, wrestle through hardships, and have places where we fail to measure up. The world challenges us to maximize our strengths, hide our weaknesses, and pretend that there are no tender, vulnerable places in our hearts.

In answer to the world, God reaches out His hand and whispers good news. “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” – Ephesians 6:10

I don’t have to be strong. Not on my own. It isn’t up to me, my wisdom, my ability to figure it out, or my power to make it all work. I can lean into Him. I can depend on His power and rest in His might. I can allow my weakness to be transformed by His strength.

My Jesus Resolution today is to find my strength in Him. It isn’t easy. When discouragement, doubt, trouble, or temptation pops up, the first thing I am aware of is my own weakness. But that isn’t the end of my story. Because Jesus holds my heart and my hand, I can face the shadows because of His light. I can deal with uncertainty because of His faithfulness. I can let go of fear because of His grace. My weaknesses are real, but God’s strength is stronger.



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