3 01 2014

How often do you celebrate? Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays come around once a year and we look forward to those celebrations. But the past season has taught me that while celebrating big moments is great, learning to celebrate in the small and ordinary moments may be even more important.

When we talk about celebration, we often think of parties and big to-dos, however, the word celebrate means “to rejoice in, observe, to praise publicly, proclaim.” When I let that definition soak into my soul, I realize that I want to be someone who celebrates daily. I long to rejoice in the presence of God. I want to open my eyes and observe His movement all around me. I want to be a person who publicly praises Him for His might, His grace, His love, and His care. Celebrating means proclaiming, each and every day, who God is and what it is that God has done for me.

What can you celebrate today? I want to celebrate the moments when my children help me see God. I want to celebrate warm quilts, hot coffee, sudsy soap, and soft pillows. I want to celebrate the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and floors messy with toys. I want to celebrate God’s grace in struggles, His love in loneliness, His faithfulness in discouragement, His power in weakness, and His light in the middle of dark times. I want to see His fingerprints on all of my moments, rejoice in them, and proclaim that He is good, He is here, and He makes today worth celebrating.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate the small things. Too many times I reserve celebrating for “big” moments and miss the opportunity to rejoice in the small, ordinary places where God is at work. Celebrating isn’t always about balloons and streamers. Sometimes the best celebrating is done in the quiet, hard places when I am able to hold God’s hand and find joy in the truth that He will never let go.



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