30 12 2013

Photographs are treasures. They capture the moment, helping to cement the details that so often slip away in our busy lives. In snapshots, we can see growth, recall joy, laugh at mistakes, remember lessons learned, and count blessings.

Before this year slips away, take a snapshot of your walk with God. Take a minute to answer the following questions. God has been at work in you, around you, and through you for His glory. Notice His hand. Trace His fingerprints. Listen for His heartbeat. Stopping to capture these moments brings Him honor, softens our hearts to His movement, and helps us catch a glimpse of the transformation God is working within us.

1. Where did you see God most clearly this year?

2. What joy lifted your eyes and heart to heaven?

3. What struggle made you more aware of God’s presence?

4. Where did God surprise you this year?

5. What passage of Scripture came alive for you this year?

6. Which of God’s promises was especially sweet this year?

7. Where did you step out in faith and meet God in a new way?

8. When did grace wash over you most profoundly?

9. What sacrifice freed you to walk more deeply in His steps?

10. What is one way in which you look more like Jesus than you did a year ago?

My Jesus Resolution today is take a snapshot of the way God is working in me. Photo albums are fun because they tell a story. God is writing a story in my soul. It is a story of His grace and the deep purpose to which He calls me. Today I am going to answer these questions. I am going to write down the answers and put them in a transformation album. Each year I am going to come back, answer them again, and over the years, marvel at the way God is moving. As I look at these snapshots, there is one image that I want to see becoming increasingly clear – the image of Jesus.



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