The With God Gift

23 12 2013

I think I might be growing up. It hit me as I was wrapping the bathtub pile and getting everything ready for the big day. I remember as a kid being absolutely mesmerized by the packages under the tree. Not that me or my siblings snooped at all, but we would look, measure, weigh, and shake the packages as we speculated what might be wrapped up in those shiny boxes. We counted down days, sat in front of the tree, and greeted the mailman when he brought the big boxes my grandparents had sent from across the country. We couldn’t wait to open our gifts.

As I sat in the middle of sparkly paper, ribbons, bows and gift tags, I realized that what I was most anticipating this year was not the presents, but the faces that would be around the tree. What I might or might not get doesn’t matter. Who I spend the day with is everything.

Immanuel means “God With Us.” This is God’s greatest gift. He is with us. He is here. He is close. He chooses to walk with us, stay with us, live within us, and be with us. The most amazing gift He ever gives us is the gift of Himself. And if I want to give a gift back to God, the best gift I can give Him is myself.

My Jesus Resolution today is to treasure His presence. I want to be thoughtful about being with God. I want to be aware of His presence in the same way that I am filled with joy as my kids leave shoes, coats, and trails of crumbs around my house. I want to notice His nearness and rest in the truth that He is close. I want to remember that the gift God longs for most from me is me.



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