The Attention Gift

18 12 2013

I have decided to become an inventor. I want to invent God Glasses. When you put on the stylish, yet functional God Glasses everything that God touches in your day would become visible through the lenses. The world becomes a canvas for revealing His glory. The minutes light up with the movement of His power. His presence is highlighted through the amazing choreography of colors playing against the background of our hearts. In dark moments, His care and tender concern would be visible. In times of temptation, His holiness and means of protection and escape could be clearly seen. Joy would explode like firecrackers across the horizon. Grace would drench the landscape. Wearing God Glasses, I think we might be stunned by how much of what we see as ordinary is really saturated with the presence of God.

We really don’t need to wear God Glasses to see Him at work in our lives. He is ready and willing to show us His heart, reveal His presence, and highlight His movement if we will but give Him the gift of our attention. We tend to live distracted lives. Our attention flits and floats from thing to person to struggle to pleasure with astonishing speed. During this season, there are even more distractions than usual as the hustle and bustle of the holidays pulls our eyes and our hearts in multiple directions. Paying attention to the presence of God sinks the roots of our faith deep into the heart of our Savior and anchors us to His side.

My Jesus Resolution is to be deliberate about paying attention to the presence and movement of God. Stretching my ability to be attentive requires three things. First, I must believe that God’s power and presence are visible in my world and ask Him to help me see. Second, I need to practice paying attention. This is not a gift that I can give easily. It requires me to learn how to notice the small details, the ordinary blessings, and the routine reminders that mark His nearness. Third, I need to rehearse God’s goodness. Telling someone else where God is at work sharpens my attention and opens my eyes. God has already given me the glasses that I need to see Him. I just need to learn how to pay attention.



One response

18 12 2013
Oleta Coleman

I have been seeing God at work in big things this week. Answered prayers in the life of a dear friend and a much loved sister.

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