A Gift to Give

2 12 2013

The bathtub invasion has started. During the month of December, my bathtub is transformed from a place to get to wet to storage facilities for the Christmas elves. It holds mysteriously shaped packages, crumpled-closed bags, and the lists and plans for the gift-giving season. It is kind of fun to watch the bathtub fill up with goodies. Each gift represents time, thought, creativity, and love invested in the recipient.

As the month of December takes off, I want the growing pile of gifts in the bathtub to teach me how to give more and more of myself to God. Relationships are built on giving. We just spent Thanksgiving remembering how many gifts God has poured into our lives. The only gift that I have to give back to Him is myself. Even that is His, but He accepts what I give Him and uses it to draw me closer to His heart.

“A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.” – Proverbs 18:16

If I am honest, this is what I want most for Christmas this year – more of the presence of God. I want less stress, more peace. Less worry, more joy. Less selfishness, more grace. Less being frantic, more being friends. Being deliberate about giving Him the gift of myself stretches my heart, opens my eyes, and ushers me into the presence of the Great One.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look for another kind of gift to give. In the midst of all the shopping, bows, paper, and lights, I would like to spend this time together exploring what we can give to God during this season of gifts. My heart is what God wants most of all. He longs for my life to shine and sparkle with His glory. Perhaps this kind of giving has the power to transform what is in the bathtub into gifts full of the thing I really want to give to my family and friends – a deeper, more abiding sense of His presence.



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