Use Your Voice

23 10 2013

Your words are powerful. Read that sentence again. Do you believe it? Most of us don’t believe that. We think that we have small voices, little to say, and that no one is listening. We believe that what we have to say doesn’t matter, can’t make a difference, or will be lost in the flood of words that flow through our noisy world. Here is the truth. Your words matter. They mean something. They resonate with power, strength, and purpose. Use them wisely.

Today your spouse needs words of grace. Saturate your words with love. Immerse them in appreciation and rejoicing.

Today your children need words of blessing. It doesn’t matter if they are four, fourteen, or forty, they need to hear that you pray for them, praise God for them, and are proud of them.

Today your grandchildren need words of delight. Grandparents stand in the unique position of pouring confidence and unconditional love into the next generation.

Today your friends need words of appreciation. You can’t say “thank you,” “I love you,” or “you make a difference” too often.

Today your neighbor, a coworker, or a stranger needs a word of notice. So many people feel unseen and invisible. A simple word of kindness can make a profound difference in someone’s day.

It is no coincidence that Jesus is called the Word. It is through this Word that walked among us that God spoke His words of grace, blessing, delight, love, and notice to the world. Two thousand years later those words, that Word, still have the power to change lives and impact hearts for good.

My Jesus Resolution today is to use my voice. My words don’t have to be profound or eloquent to make a difference. They just have to be touched by grace, defined by love, and saturated with hope. Words have the power to encourage, bless, and inspire. They also have the power to crush, wound, and defeat. My voice is a part of my legacy. The words I speak today will ripple out from this moment and touch tomorrow. I want my words to echo with the voice of Jesus.



2 responses

23 10 2013
Joyce lampley

I had been pondering whether to talk with my niece about some things. I hope i can say the things with my love for her obvious. Thank you, I needed this.

24 10 2013

There is a song that has lyrics that fit this blog perfectly. Just Google: Lyrics to “Words” by Hawk Nelson.
The blog is a great reminder! God always has perfect timing.

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