9 10 2013

Today I feel small. Sometimes we stand in the sun and cast a long shadow. We feel confident, strong, and capable. Other days find us in the midst of a storm. We come face to face with our limitations, feel boxed in by the burdens of the day, or overwhelmed by a struggle that is pressing on our souls. During these small moments, my heart feels more tender, my soul more vulnerable, and my emotions more on edge.

Small is not a bad thing. The world will tell us that bigger is always better, but it isn’t true. Small moments have the power to recalibrate our priorities, realign our vision, and reignite our worship. Feeling small invites me back into humility. It emphasizes dependence, requires trust, and reminds me that small is appropriate next to the bigness of our God. In my small moments, God offers to cover me with grace sufficient to meet even my deepest weaknesses. Taking shelter under the shadow of His wings provides a safe haven for my battered soul. Small grants us the opportunity to choose worship instead of worry, gratitude rather than grumbling, and sacrifice rather than self-pity. I can offer my smallness to God as an offering of praise, trusting Him to use me, work in me, care for me, and provide for me as best fits His plan.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be okay with being small. Sometimes I think that we think we have to be “big” in order to do big things for God. Maybe small is better. There isn’t a hero of faith in the Bible that felt equal to the task. Rather they looked at the wall, sea, lions, giant, army, journey, hard-hearted people, even the cross, and trusted the truth that small surrendered to God is bigger than going it on your own.



2 responses

9 10 2013
Joyce lampley

Thank you.

9 10 2013
Marcy Schaefer

Ditto…………………what a messenger you are………………….marcy

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