Prayers and Raindrops

4 10 2013

I smile every time he prays. There is an older gentleman in my church family that prays about rain every time he prays. He asks for rain. He is thankful for rain. He talks about the blessings that fall with the rain. He puts his crops, his animals, his land, and his trust in the One who holds the raindrops. Every time it rains, I think of his folded hands, humble heart, and earnest prayers.

His prayers remind me that when raindrops hit the roof, we are witnessing the power of God moving in our world. Like many parts of the country, we have recently experienced the devastating effects of drought. It is amazing how that time of scarcity has reframed how we see the raindrops. No one is complaining about the rain. We have a greater appreciation for its power, have a deeper understanding of its necessity, and are looking at the sky with new eyes.

The rain just reminds us of a principle that we see played out in our hearts every day. Grace is sweeter when we run smack into sin. Joy is richer following a period of sorrow. Peace is a marvel during a storm. The balance of God’s world teaches us to seek His face, reach for His hand, and embrace His presence no matter what the moment brings. Sunny days brighten our hearts as we soak in His warmth. Rainy days encourage us to crawl into the comfort of His arms and rest. Either way, we spend the day with Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray for reign. I want to be as bold, persistent, and earnest about praying for God to reign in my life as my friend is in praying for rain to fall on the earth. I want to ask for His sovereignty to take hold of me, soak me through, and drench me in His desire. I want to be thankful every time I see Him at work in me or the world around me. I want to trust Him with all I am, all I have, and all I can be. I have learned that this man’s faithful prayers are not just about raindrops. They are about surrendering to a God who reigns on the earth and walking in the overflow of His grace.



One response

4 10 2013
Paula Pancoast

Thank you Casandra for the beautiful analogy of rain, and reign! A powerful message, beautifully done. Love it!

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