20 09 2013

I know you are scared. So scared that it never seems to go away. It plays like a melody in the back of your mind, always there, sometimes blaring, sometimes a haunting whisper. Occasionally, for a just a moment, you forget that it is there. Yet even in that heartbeat of time when you realize that the fear is silent, it comes roaring back, consuming your peace and devouring your joy.

I wish that I could tell you that it is all going to be okay. At least okay in the way that we want to define okay. We all wish for sunny days, gentle breezes, and careless comfort. Unfortunately, storms can strike with a fury that surprises us, causing us to lose our balance and sending our worlds into a tailspin. I can’t promise no pain, no heartache, no tears, or no fear. I can only wrap my arms around you and whisper the promises made to both of us by the One who holds us next to His heart.

You are not alone. God is still in control. He sees your pain and catches your tears. His grace is sufficient. You are deeply loved. Wisdom is a prayer away. His timing is perfect. His answers are always saturated in His purpose. The cross blazes with God’s determination to call you His own. Waiting on Him is the work of faith. His mercies are new every morning.

My Jesus Resolution today is to realize that fear only has the power that I give it. Fear will whisper, “You can’t.”  God assures me that He can. Fear says stop. God says follow Me. Fear prods me to give up. God promises strength for the journey. Fear encourages me to whine and worry. God calls me to worship and rejoicing. Today I am going to breathe in grace, exhaling the fear that is suffocating my spirit. It isn’t wrong to be afraid. It is wrong to let fear have the last word.



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20 09 2013
Marsha Gilbert

Hi Casandra, I am Marsha and I teach the Ladies Class at Granbury Church of Christ. We are looking forward to your visit in April. When I read this post, I thought of something I have taped to my computer monitor. Recently, my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He has had surgery and all is well. But during that time, when the doctor would tell us “this is curable” a little voice would later say, “but what if he is wrong”. This little chart, helped keep me on course, trusting in God. Just wanted to share it with you. Marsha

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