In the Beginning

31 07 2013

Creation tells a story. It is a story about a God who loves us, invests Himself in us, pursues us, sings over us, and longs to share His heart with us. Like all good stories, it has a beginning, a starting point, a place that helps us trace the most foundational truths of our own stories.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1

Beginnings are important. This is why God gives us this very first verse first. At the beginning of all beginnings, we find God. He is the source of all the good, all of the beauty, all of the power, all of the wonder, and all of the minute detail and awesome expanses that are to follow.

We tend to look at this beginning in Genesis 1:1 as singular, but in reality, it teaches us an important, continuing truth. Always begin with God. Recognize Him, seek Him out, invite Him in from the beginning and watch Him work. Beginning your day? Start with God. Beginning to worry? Seek His arms. Beginning a new job, task, or adventure? Invite Him in. Beginning to feel overwhelmed? Stop and listen for His voice. Beginning to feel sin’s sticky grip? Ask for His grace. Beginning with Him who was before the beginning is always the best way to start.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask God to inhabit my beginnings. Too many times, I try to start out on my own. I go a little ways, run out of steam, and then wonder what went wrong. I want to learn how to step into God’s presence at the beginning – the beginning of every day, every hour, every project, every load of laundry, every friendship, every encounter, and every struggle. I wonder what stories we might be able to tell about what God created in our days, our relationships, our jobs, and our families if we learned how to invite Him in in the beginning.



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