A King is Born

26 07 2013

This week much of the world has been enthralled with the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis, who now stands third in line as heir to the throne of England. Reporters camped for weeks in front of the hospital at which his mother was scheduled to give birth. Enthusiasts from around the world counted the days, cheering when she went into labor. Finally, on Monday afternoon amidst all this fanfare, the little prince made his appearance. Welcome to the world, little one.

It was a refreshing blessing to watch the world unite and rejoice in the birth of a baby. As I watched the crier announce the birth of the future king, I couldn’t help but be struck by the differences between this little one’s birth and the birth of another King two thousand years ago. No one lined the streets of Bethlehem in anticipation. No special rooms were reserved for the mother-to-be. There were no cheering crowds, souvenirs, or international media coverage. A mother, a father, a few animals, a manger, and one newborn King.

The King of Kings chose to come to an obscure Israelite town, in the middle of the night, to a young girl, in a stable, with no one but scores of angels watching. Humility cloaked him from the beginning. He settled in among the ordinary, among the nothing-special, in order to proclaim that extraordinary and beyond-your-imagination were now available to everyone.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be thankful for way that Jesus came into this world. His birth was a quiet event that shook heaven and stunned hell. No one imagined that God would wrap Himself in humanity in order to save man from himself. And the King is still doing what He does best. Quietly moving into hearts, lives, minds, and souls, taking up residence, and changing the world.



One response

26 07 2013
Oleta Coleman

My mind, too, has been on the contrast between the births of these two babes — especially the reception of the world to each event. Prayers for the little one over in England that he will find the path to the enduring kingdom — whose king is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Saw a sign posted by a little country church that I passed on the way home from grocery shopping: “Want to be a child of a king? Ask inside…” It made me smile — many others around the world are thinking similar thoughts.

Thanks for the Jesus resolution and the timely reminder, Casandra!

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