Today Counts

19 07 2013

Are you a procrastinator? Generally, I am not, but there are times when I find myself putting off what needs to be done and wrestling with gathering the gumption to tackle some big projects. Tomorrow always looks like it holds so much potential, while today finds me overwhelmed, over-tired, and over-committed. Someday becomes an anthem that soaks into the weary places in my soul.

In praying through the urgent and important things on my list, two words kept echoing through my thoughts – Today Counts. Here is a list of ten things that you shouldn’t put off until tomorrow.

1. Say I love you today. You don’t know when you will get another chance.

2. Forgive today. It isn’t worth carrying it around anymore.

3. Tackle a challenge today. The mountain isn’t going to get smaller if you wait.

4. Play today. A daily dose of joy is a powerful thing.

5. Tell someone “thank you” today. Gratitude has a way of changing your perspective.

6. Read your Bible today. God is waiting to reveal His heart to you.

7. Give something away today. Sacrifice frees your soul while blessing someone else.

8. Appreciate your friends today. A hug or kind word goes a long way.

9. Surrender completely today. Transformation is a decision away.

10. Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ today. Here is a truth we all need to be reminded of every day.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make Today Count. Some things can wait, but the important things, the real things, the God things need to be woven into today. Jesus made every day count. His eyes were open, His heart was surrendered, and His focus was fixed on God. I want to be like Him. Years from now, I want to look back on my days and know that I made today count.



One response

31 07 2013
Martha Fassino

I love all of your entries, but this one is wonderful. I will strive to make today count by incorporating your list into my day. Thank you, Cassandra. You are a blessing.

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