Open Eyes

26 06 2013

Are your eyes open yet? Some of us are “eyes pop open, ready to go” types. Others of us struggle to open both eyes at the same time before the second cup of coffee has had time to work its magic. Either way, mornings are a great time to be deliberate about opening our eyes. Our physical eyes are going to open if we want to move through our day. It is important to take a minute and open our spiritual eyes too. God has already filled this day with blessings, lessons, fingerprints, opportunities, lessons, and faith reminders. He has already provided exactly what your heart needs today.

This morning as you begin your day, take a minute to look around. Count your blessings. Invest in a moment of thanksgiving. Give your heart permission to praise. Rehearse His grace, remember His love, and replay the many ways in which He has provided for your soul. Too many times, I rush into the day with my eyes focused on the task at hand, the to-do list must-dos, and the way the clock is moving faster than my feet. Stopping to savor His presence allows the sweetness and richness of His glory to seep into the cracks of my heart. It changes my perspective and challenges me to look up before I worry or fret or frown. Slowing down and breathing in His nearness allows His grace to set my pace for the day.

My Jesus Resolution today is to open my eyes. I don’t want to miss God today. I want to count His fingerprints, smile at His blessings, and notice the way He weaves His presence into my moments. I want to be as deliberate about opening my heart as I am about opening my eyes. Today I am going to keep my eyes open, pay attention, and let Him fill me with wonder.



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