Just Ask

12 06 2013

She walked in with an excited smile on her face. My son had been talking with a group of friends about upcoming summer plans and mentioned that he would be helping at Vacation Bible School. His friend jumped in and asked if she could come help as well. “Sure!” he said. “We can always use more hands and smiles at VBS.”

The time passed quickly. The joy, joy, joy down in their hearts came pouring out of little voices, excited bodies, and gigantic grins. Jesus fed the five thousand and there were about that many fish crackers on the floor. Cookies were eaten, crafts were made, games were played, and hugs given. Mr. Bible came for a visit, and then we wrapped it up so we could do it all again tomorrow.

Dropping his friend off at home, my son talked for a minute to his friend’s parents. They were very excited that their daughter was helping at VBS. “Nobody has ever asked her to a church activity before.”

My son came in and told us about what his friend’s parents had said. I was humbled, and honestly, a little ashamed, as he related this mom’s words. While I don’t know this particular family yet, I did recognize the hunger in her words. She was thrilled for her child to be invited to church. The world has sold us on this idea that we should keep our Christianity to ourselves. Let everyone live their own lives. Don’t ask. Don’t tell. We are so afraid of someone saying “no,” that we miss all the times that they might say “yes.”

My Jesus Resolution today is to just ask. The world is full of people who are hungry. They are hungry for purpose, meaning, healing, forgiveness, answers, and hope. They get along the best they can, drive past church buildings, and wonder. What if they are just waiting for someone to ask them to come in? Sure, someone might say “no.” But someone might say “yes,” and get the chance to meet Jesus all because I just asked.



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