7 06 2013

I decided to take up running. I know, but temporary insanity can affect all of us. My husband had started running, and after watching how well he was doing, I decided that maybe it was time to add some jogging into my exercise routine. I started out with walking to warm up my muscles. After a little while, I was ready. It was time to start running.

I ran for two blocks.

Did I mention that it was a very long two blocks?

At first, I imagined myself breaking the race tape as I crossed the finish line at the marathon. By the eleventh step, I was just trying to keep from tripping over my own feet. At the end of the first block, I was wracking my brain about why I had thought jogging was a good idea. By the time I reached the second block, I held the stitch in my side, checked running off of my “I’ll do that someday” list, and started walking again.

The power of the three essentials, the basics that God lays out for our hearts in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 is found not just in the actions themselves, but in the little words that follow each essential. “Always, continually, and all” are the keys to igniting the transforming power of rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks in our lives. Rejoicing sometimes is great. Praying occasionally is a good thing. Being thankful every once in a while is better than never, but it is kind of like jogging for two blocks. You can say you did it, but there is not much lasting impact. The real richness of these essentials is released in us when we invest in living them out always, continually, and in all circumstances.

My Jesus Resolution today is commit to always. I am thankful that I serve an always, continually, and in all circumstances God. If I want to live deeply in God’s will for me, I can’t just give it a little try. I have to dedicate myself to the process that He has set for my heart. Always, continually, and all are little words that have the power to change my focus, alter my priorities, and impact the flow of my days in big ways. I want to look like Jesus for more than two blocks at a time. Rejoicing always, praying continually, and giving thanks in all circumstances are the running shoes God gives me to speed me on my way.



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7 06 2013

You are so funny! You had me rolling with your description of running, probably because I’ve felt the same way. That was a wonderful reminder of how to give thanks! The more we do, the more it comes naturally and the more we can learn to breathe through the times that make us want to stop our journey. But the finish line…well, the finish line…is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Love you, sister!

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