Still Praying

31 05 2013

“Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer settles our hearts into a position of love, trust, and dependence. It is one of the three essentials that God gives us to draw us deeper into His will and His heart. I wish that I could tell you that prayer was my heart’s default setting – my natural, automatic response to the things, situations, troubles, and worries that pop up in my day. It isn’t, but that is why God gives it to us as one of our basics. Amazing things happen when we choose to pray without ceasing.

This type of prayer is not a “sit all day with our hands folded and eyes closed” kind of command. It is the deliberate determination to commit ourselves to talking before we begin walking. It stands as another decision point where we get to choose how we move through our days. What position will my heart take – faith or fear?

Fear comes naturally. We open the mail and freeze. We answer the phone and panic. We talk to a friend and feel our hearts drop. Fear propels us to close up, draw in, hide behind, and become invisible. In those moments, God gives us a different option – pray. Choose faith. Faith isn’t the absence of fear, but a decision to hold onto the truth that God is bigger than what we fear. Prayer allows us to see our circumstances through the lens of His power and the surety of His presence.

My Jesus Resolution today is to choose faith instead of letting fear take over. Fear wants to rattle me in big ways, but I am going to choose to talk to God and plant myself firmly in His presence. When I pray, it reminds me about who God is, what He is willing to do for me, how close He is, and the difference He can make in me and my struggles. Praying allows God to slow me down, calm my heart, see with new eyes, and take the next step with courage.



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