13 05 2013

Sometimes I need to readjust. I don’t mean to move off center, be distracted, or let my focus waver, but it happens. I drift. I end up slightly off base, or sometimes, way off base. You can see it in my reactions, my stress level, my worry, and my wishes. I end up being out of balance, looking in the mirror, and wondering “how did I get here?”

Here is not where I want to be. Here is where old doubts resurface, old habits try to reattach themselves, old feelings reignite, and old anxieties squeeze my heart in familiar ways. Shame creeps in, reestablishing its grip. That little voice inside my head starts singing an old tune – I knew you couldn’t do it. See, no way out for you.

When I find myself “here,” there is no need to sink into a ditch of despair or dangle the flag of defeat. “Here” is an opportunity to recalibrate. Recalibration is a mechanical term, but speaks clearly to our hearts. It means “to correct a measuring process by checking or adjusting again in comparison with a standard.” Do you see it? When I find myself “here,” struggling with whatever in my life is out of kilter, I need to go back to the Standard. I need to go back to Jesus, and let Him adjust what needs to be adjusted.

My Jesus Resolution today is to recalibrate. There are just times when I need to hit the “reset” button. There are days when I need to go back to square one and start over. There are moments when I need to recognize that it’s okay to readjust, retune, and refocus. God gives us that grace. He allows fresh starts, encourages new beginnings, and celebrates recalibrations. When I find myself “here,” rather than the “there” where I want to be, I am not going to give up. I am going to give it to God and let Him recalibrate.



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13 05 2013

Grace, how sweet the sound. Thankful for His goodness.

13 05 2013
Oleta Coleman

Yeah, Casandra! Right on! Even our electronic engineer can groove with this one. Thanks for the reminder!

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