29 04 2013

Springtime is a time of beauty. Driving through the country on a spring day is an adventure in counting the creative ways that God reveals His glory. Splashes of yellow compete with carpets of orange by the sides of the road. Fields of blue catch your breath and bend your knees. Pink, white and red tangles of splendor pull at your eyes and your heart. Deep purple and new greens display His glory and speak of His majesty.

The wildflowers that fill the hills today will be gone in a couple of weeks. They make a short but miraculous appearance each spring, reminding us that new life and fresh hope are cornerstones of God’s plan. Through each little flower, God teaches us about His power, His precision, His purpose, and His perfection.

It is also in these amazing bursts of beauty that Jesus plants a lesson about trust. The wildflowers are faith markers. Every seed that falls and blooms on the hillside or in the field is meant to turn our eyes to God and help us remember how invested He is in bringing beauty to our souls.

“But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? Therefore do not be anxious…” – Matthew 6:30-31a

My Jesus Resolution today is to let the flowers inspire my faith. Flowers come from seeds. Seeds are little packages of potential. Within the care of the Gardener, they grow, bloom, and share their beauty with the world. They are also little pictures of me. What He does for a flower in the field is just a whisper of what He longs to do in my soul. Walking with Jesus, He helps me grow, bloom, and share His beauty with the world.



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29 04 2013
Beverly Everson Photography

I so enjoy your posts! I’ve shared them with the ladies at church and several have begun following your blog.
I am a photographer in southwest Alabama and your post today really echoes my feelings about God’s creation! There is so much beauty and wonder in the everyday things we just walk on by. I can’t begin to imagine how beautiful heaven will be but I want to go there! Our God is an awesome God!

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