Kiss a Frog

22 04 2013

“Do I need to kiss a frog?” My mom used to say that to me on grumpy days. Being “froggy” was a picture in my family of being out of sorts, not being ourselves, and needing to make a change. Like the fairy tale story of the prince that was turned into a frog, I would let my troubles, my stresses, or even somebody else’s bad day turn me upside down. After a day of complaining and croaking, my mom’s gentle question reminded me that she loved me and was willing to help me be better.

Love has the power to transform us. Some people are stuck in grumpy places, and the only way that they can be different is if we “kiss the frog” with kindness, compassion, and grace. Just like in the fairy tale, sometimes that act of love will be enough to help them become who they really are, rather than the frog they are in the moment.

Frogs are not always fun to kiss. They are warty, slimy, smelly, and ugly. The commitment to ‘kiss the frogs’ in our lives means we have to be willing to bestow love even when it is uncomfortable. It means being aware of our own ‘froggy’ tendencies and extending grace to others. It recognizes that we can ‘kiss the frogs’ we meet because Jesus lavished love on us when we were our most froggiest.

My Jesus Resolution today is to kiss a frog. I am going to be deliberate about being kind when someone is being rude, showing love when another is being impatient, or counting blessings when I run into someone who is consumed with complaining. Fairy tales remind us not to underestimate the power of love. The cross does the same thing. Time to share His story and kiss a few frogs.



2 responses

22 04 2013
Afrika Anthony

Hello Casandra,

I saw you over the weekend and was just taken away by your lessons. I loved that you brought to light all the different aspects of God’s grace and mercy to the women of Jersey Village church. I was recently baptized and the youngest woman there. To have you share god with me over the weekend was inspiring. It helped me to seek him more than I had been doing lately. I am eternally grateful. You are a blessing; a grace of God to all you teach. Casandra, you look like Jesus!!!


9 05 2013

Wow! Confirmation that I did something right for a change in interacting with an adult grandson! Thank you!

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