A Dog’s Life

15 04 2013

My dog has qualms about being a dog. Most of the time, Jack loves the dog life. He gets to sleep twenty-three hours a day, has a soft bed to stretch out on, gets treats for looking cute, and has a door person who lets him in and out.

In exchange for all of this good life, he is expected to be the dog and let me be the master. This is where he isn’t always sure that he agrees. There are times when he gets stubborn and wants to do it his way. He runs when he should come. He sits under my desk when he is being called. He crawls under the couch when it is time to go. You get the idea. There are just days when he decides that he should decide.

Surrender is rarely easy, and I see myself in Jack’s stubbornness more than I would like to admit. Blessed beyond measure, my heart should be tender to His touch, attentive to His voice, and responsive to His will. Instead, I find myself trying to devise my own plans, choose my own ways, and follow my own designs. Submission requires the minute-by-minute commitment to remember that I am the servant and He is the Master.

My Jesus Resolution today is to obey when called. I know the truth about Jesus. He is loving, good, kind, faithful, and true. When He calls me, He is moving me into a place that is better for my soul. Obedience allows His transformation to take full root in my life. It opens the door for His presence, aligns my heart with His purpose, and positions me to receive His power.



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