29 03 2013

Never has emptiness shouted more loudly. A stone rolls away revealing God’s greatest joy. It is finished. And it is just beginning. The empty tomb of Jesus testifies to the most amazing truth of all – Jesus is alive. Death, with all of its finality, with all of its horror, with all of its relentlessness, fails to keep Jesus prisoner. Life wins. Light pierces darkness. Hope rises. Love triumphs. Grace surges forward.

Jesus is alive. Breathe. Soak it in. Let the tears flow. Grin. Laugh out loud. Be quiet. Fall to your knees. Worship. Jesus is alive.

Because Jesus is alive, we can experience everything it means to be alive as well. Here are five gifts that He gives us because He is alive.

A – Always – Always takes on a richer significance in the light of Jesus’ resurrection. Always is fueled by the power that brought Jesus out of the tomb. We have always promises on which we can build our lives – always love, always presence, always peace, and always faithfulness.

L – Life – Jesus conquers death and gives us access to life. Not just any life. Not a so-so, half-hearted, bland life – abundant life, eternal life, life to the full, life lived within the power and purpose of His life.

I – Immeasurably More – Jesus lives and opens the door for God to work in our lives in ways beyond what we can ask or imagine. Immeasurably More is God’s dream for our souls that finds its roots in the resurrection.

V – Victory – The power that surges from the empty tomb makes us conquerors. We can live victorious lives. The finish line has been crossed. The battle has been won. He allows us to claim His victory as our own. We walk in triumphal procession through this world proclaiming the good news about a cross and an empty tomb that changes everything.

E – East from the West – Here is the rich promise of everything that took place two thousand years ago. Forgiveness, grace, mercy, and salvation are ours because of Jesus. The cross paid the price. The resurrection ignites a firestorm of grace that consumes our sins and transforms our souls.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate being ALIVE! Jesus lives! Jesus reigns! Jesus loves! Jesus forgives! All the exclamation points in the world will never capture the stunning, startling, amazing reality of the truth of His resurrection. Because He lives, we are called to live exclamation point kind of lives. Lives that proclaim His name. Reveal His power. Showcase His grace. Tell His story. Sing His praises. Imitate His life. Live in the truth that because He lives, we are ALIVE!



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