The Gift

11 03 2013

Six days left. Jesus nears Jerusalem and the shadow of the cross looms large across the horizon. Jesus relaxes at a dinner given in His honor. His friends are there. Martha serves a meal, finding joy in being near her Lord. Lazarus reclines near Jesus. Every breath he takes testifies to the amazing power of God. Mary, the quieter sister, searches for a way to express the deep emotions that fill her heart – gratitude, awe, humility, surrender, joy, and love. Most of all, love.

She picks up the small jar, carrying it into the room where Jesus sits. She pours a pound of expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus. The fragrance quickly fills the room. Anointing the Master, she undoes her veil, loosens her hair, and wipes His feet with her long tresses. This is an act of pure love.

Can you smell the aroma of the Mary’s perfume floating in the air? It reaches out to you and me today with a question and an invitation. Her act of devotion challenges me to wonder – what am I willing to break open and pour out before Jesus? I tend to keep things bottled up inside me. I want to hold onto what is important, valued, and precious for the “right” time. I hang onto the gifts I could pour out today, always imagining that tomorrow will be better.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pour out my gift before Jesus. Mary invites me to join her at Jesus’ feet. The fragrance of her gift challenges me to break open what is best and treasured and cherished, and pour it out at the feet of Jesus. Today is the day to honor Him. I am not going to put it off, hold onto control, or hang on for a better time. I am going to follow Mary’s example, and loosen my pride, unfurl my spirit, and bow low at His feet.



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11 03 2013
Joyce ampley

Thank you. And thank you, Jesus.

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