The Long Way Around

4 03 2013

Devastated, she could barely speak through the tears. She had prayed hard about the future and was looking forward to getting settled. Now, all of her plans and dreams seemed to fall apart as she looked at the piece of paper. This was the last thing she wanted. The one thing she was unprepared to face.

Doubts floated to the surface. Frustration bubbled up. Her self-confidence took a hit, and she had a hard time seeing how this could be the path that God had planned for her. How could good ever come from the last thing she wanted to do?

We talked and prayed and talked some more. Trusting God comes with a price. We can’t always see what lies ahead. We don’t always know how the road is going to bend. We can always be certain that God is at work for our good and His glory. Sufficient grace is a guarantee we can count on.

Fast forward six months. The voice on the phone was very different this time. “You are not going to believe what happened.” The long way around had suddenly and unexpectedly brought her to exactly where she needed to be. She marveled at timing, fingerprints, and provision. In whispered humility, she admitted if she had marked the path, she would have ended up settling for less than what God had planned for her.

My Jesus Resolution today is to take a deep breath and trust God’s wisdom. God is holding me in His hand. He is doing what is absolutely best for my soul. His boundless love has already paved the way into His arms. The opportunities I have today are designed to shape me into the image of His Son. Sometimes what seems to be the long way around is the best path to deeper trust, fuller surrender, and greater joy.



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